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 [Tutorial]How to download Crossfire Vietnamese.

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PostSubject: [Tutorial]How to download Crossfire Vietnamese.   Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:53 am

[size=18] I would recomend using Google Chrome (for the translating)!

Open your
browser and type in Dot Kich, you will arrive at this page: http://cf.vtc.vn/

Once you are there, depending on your
browser you should be able to translate the page, but it hardly does a

3. Click the big red circle that says
"Download GAME"

4. You will arrive at this page " http://download.vtc.vn/?id=1 "

5. You will notice it says Khu
Vuc Khac and Dot Kich, Leave it like that. No Need to translate this
page. Click the download link which says
"Đột kích - Bản cài đặt đầy đủ - Phiên bản 1063 - 448MB "

I Would Highly suggest you download the torrent for CF VN which will
take no less than 20 minutes on a fast internet connection. Scroll Down
the page and you will come across something that says "Bản TORRENT"
Click the download link underneath this.

7. While you're
downloading it. Let's go register an account. https://ebank.vtc.vn/home/ebank.account.regform.html?l=vi Go to this link to register an account. This page is also in
Vietnamese, I Recommend you translate this page

8. Enter
your details, All Details can not be entirely true, you dont need to
enter a nickname you want, you can type in a random nickname, because
you will be using a bunch of Random Numbers as your Login ID.

Pay Attention. Once you reach the Place where it says Identity Card.
You need to enter 9 Random Numbers, NUMBERS ONLY... you do not need to
remember this.

9. You need to enter a valid
email address, once you receive a confirmation email you will receive a
bunch of Random Numbers. THESE NUMBERS are your Login ID, Remember this
or save it in Notepad.

10. Once your Torrent or Download
is Done. Open the torrent folder or run the installation wizard and go
through the steps.

11. Once Installed Click the "Đột
Kích" Shortcut on your desktop or just go to the folder where you have
installed it.

12. Click the button that says "Bắt DầU"

13. Once done, use the Numbers you have got to log into
Crossfire VN

14. You're done!
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[Tutorial]How to download Crossfire Vietnamese.
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